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Aug 01 2012

Steve Earke Blues

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Steve Earle Blues (8/19/2002) apparently I was Insensed that Steve Earle wrote a song about the John Walker situation because I felt that he was trying to profit on other people’s misfortune… how naive I was… or maybe I am just jaded now.

We’re just a country band, not on MTV
and we want to get there, but we haven’t a prayer, so I wrote some controversy

So I started writing down, some lyrics offensive
To the people who died, and America’s pride, no care for who I hurt.

I’m Stupid and I just want publicity
there’s no God but Fame

So the word started to spread, all over the TV
and newspapers cried, while reports they tried, to score big ratings from me.

And my agent got many calls, from TV programs
to schedule my time, to broadcast my crime, it all helps to sell my CD.

I’m Stupid and I just want it my way
there’s no God but Pride

When it came time to schedule release, September made much sense
Nerves would be raw, from al-Qaida’s claw, so they’d buy the song from me.

I don’t care who I hurt, it’s just my artistry.
I have freedom of speech, and political beliefe, and that means so much to me.

I’m stupid and I just want to get rich

I’ Stupid and I just want to get rich….

There’s no God but Cash………

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