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Aug 01 2012

Music Stuff

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Sometimes I get the urge to change the lyrics to popular songs. I guess some people call that filk. I also occationally write lyrics to music that plays inside my head… I guess they call that poetry, but to me it’s still music because I can imagine the way it should sound… make your own judgements.

7/30/2012: The Rocket John B.

7/14/2010: I want you (Unicorn)

7/9/2010: I will survive

7/3/2010 Fangs are Sexy

10/7/2009: Powder Monkey

12/2009: Don’t want to Watch that movie again

10/20/2008: Die Die Die Butterfly

You might notice a small gap here… this is when I was married to my Ex. She wasn’t very supportive of my creative endeavors.

8/19/2002: Steve Earle Blues

10/10/2001: DND (by Semisonic)

9/18/2001: Battle Hymn for 9/11

3/5/2001: Temple of Blood

Late 90’s: I Retouch Myself

Late 90’s: The Dealer

Late 90’s: Livin La Vida Lego

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